Processor Information Downloads

The Central Processing Unit (or CPU) is the central unit in a computer responsible for interpreting and performing most of the commands.

If you need to obtain information about your computer's CPU, all the presented tools will aid you in this task. They will provide CPU related information, such as its manufacturer, model, socket type, speeds or temperatures. Some of them even have monitoring functions that will alert you if something goes wrong.

Processor Information download selection is a descendant of our CPU Information by Haley James customized for you:

ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool
Sysinfo Lab
ASTRA32 provides comprehensive computer system information. are obvious. A DOS version is also available. Other features -detects 274 processor and coprocessor types -identifies processor frequency, CPU clock multiplier and FSB clock...


Update Me Today
It is an application which shows live information about CPU and memory usage. small amount of information. Basically, you'll be able to see which type of processor you have, how much RAM you have in total, the operating system's version and the name and ...
Simple layout
Easy to use
Doesn't support quad-core processors
Speccy by Piriform Ltd.
Piriform Ltd.
Speccy provides you with a complete list of your PC's hardware configuration.
...wish to upgrade your computer or sell it and you wish to find information like processor or motherboard model, the number of used memory slots, hard drives SATA type and many othe...
Most popular in Processor Information
Easy-to-use interface
Built-in search engine
Detailed information regarding your PC's specification
You can only export the taken snapshots to Speccy format
Hot CPU Tester Pro
7Byte Computers
Monitor the status of all your system's parts with Hot CPU Tester Pro.
...ion about our system, such as our motherboard's brand and characteristics, our processor's speed and cache, and the physical memory available. We can contact the manufacturer's su...
Reasonably priced
Easy Tune 6

Easy Tune 6

A piece of software that helps you overclock you computer.
...o use due to its professionally built interface. The program provides you with information about CPU and memory and comes with the ability to modify their frequency and voltage. I...
Most downloaded in Processor Information
Provides 2 usage modes in order to be suitable for both beginners and advanced users
System Information Viewer
Ray Hinchliffe
This program displays useful Windows, Network and hardware info.
This program displays useful Windows, Network and hardware info. It can display information like CPU info, PCI info, PCMCIA info, Machine info, Hardware Sensors, Networked computer...
Dr. Hardware 2009
Peter A. Gebhard
Dr. Hardware 2009 is the latest release of the free and popular system utility.
...sions, since windows 95 to windows Vista - Detects and analyses the latest processors, mainboard chipsets, PCI devices and much more. - Full Windows Vista 64 bit support ...
friendly tabbed interface
it detects most new technologies
not free
Vetch Utilities
SysInfoMyWork 2.1 is a program that shows the CPU load and memory usage.
... value will be shown with numbers and which one with the bar. Choosing the "Information" option will show a balloon from the system tray, that will display the total amount of ...
It´s a handy free tool to manage your memory and CPU load
SiSoftware Sandra Lite
SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2011.SP1a is an information and diagnostic utility.
...des a huge benchmark database that will let you test every hardware component (processor, virtual machine, graphics processor, storage devices, etc.), as well as your software com...
It is very easy to use
It provides a great number of features in the free version


It is .NET application using the VI SDK to display information VMs.
RVTools is a Windows .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display information about your virtual machines and ESX hosts. Interacting with VirtualCenter 2.5, ESX Serve...
Moo0 SystemMonitor
A Free and fully functional performance monitor for Windows.
...ur eye on system resource usages of your PC. It currently supports 36 kinds of information including CPU, Memory, Network, and detailed HDD usages. Using this program, you may dis...
color alerts
can be moved over the screen like a gadget
it has a portable version
EVEREST Ultimate Edition
EVEREST Ultimate Edition is the best software for getting system information.
Lavalys EVEREST Ultimate Edition is the best software for viewing system information. We have a lot of software like the Sisoft Sandra which can be used to view the infor...
Lists all hardware / software data
Small program
Benchmarking section is small

Some Processor Information downloads, not featured in CPU Information

Belarc Advisor
Belarc, Inc.
Belarc Advisor is a tool that can analyze your computer.
Belarc Advisor is a tool that can analyze your computer in a very detailed manner. The best thing a...
Easy to use
Detailed information provided
Helps finding security updates from Microsoft's site
Some of the advanced features require a server connection
Core Temp

Core Temp

Arthur Liberman
Powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information.
Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. Core Temp provides a platform for plug-ins, which...
Most recent in Processor Information
It’s easy to use
It’s very light
It shows the temperature of each core separately
It has a too simple interface
TechPowerUp GPU-Z
Displays a lot of important information about your GPU card.
...hat displays a lot of important information about your video card and graphics processor. It supports all the GPUs from all the popular manufacturers of such devices, including In...
Displays real-time data from various sensors
It's small, lightweight and neat
Displays a large variety of GPU-related data
The interface cannot be customized


REALiX Corp.
Professional diagnostic tool to collect and view detailed hardware information.
...urate information of any single component installed on your computer, from the processors to the graphics chip, and from the motherboard to the battery. It produces useful reports...
Provides highly detailed information about all the components on your computer
Supports the newest processors, chipsets, and graphics chips
Produces reports in TXT, CSV, XML, and HTML formats
Not for the novice user - requires a deep knowledge of all system components
HDD Health

HDD Health

This is a system utility that monitors your hard disk health status constantly.
...ormation about your installed hard drives, their partitions, and your system's processor. Under the first tab, you will see information such as your disk's brand, model, firmware ...
Very lightweight
Compatible with both traditional hard disks and modern SSD drives
Capable of showing you very detailed info about your disk(s)
Old-fashioned and little attractive interface
PC Wizard

PC Wizard

Shows you general and detailed info about every component of your system.
... detailed information about your system components, such as the mainboard, the processor, the video card, the network card, and the printers, among others. Besides, a general syst...
It is updated monthly to remain compatible with the latest hardware
Provides you with very detailed info about every hardware component of your system
Allows you to see the contents of all important system files
Suitable for expert users only

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